Ep 20
Art by Domoz
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 20: How the other half live
Race Warforged
Status Alive
Other attributes
Group Exilarchy of Cogs
Played by Matthew Peterson

Arbalest (also designated as Unit alpha-theta-sigma /4-15-10) is a member of the Exilarchy of Cogs. When the elves, humans and cogs decided to meet to talk about the Lunar crisis, it was Arbalest who was sent to represent the Cogs. Later, when Randus Duthane returned to the Exilarchy of Cogs, Arbalest helped him to improve his new robotic arm.

Arbalest rides around on tank treads and looks to be a mix of old and new parts as he never stops upgrading.

Appearances Edit

  1. Episode 20: How the other half live
  2. Episode 21: How the other half live- Part 2
  3. Episode 22: How the other half live - Part 3
  4. Episode 40: CROSSOVER!
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