Seven-Owls Wise
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 80: You're probably wondering why I called you here
Race Human
Status Alive
Other attributes
Group Church of Bahamut
Religion Bahamut
Played by Stephen Schleicher

A Human Monk in the service to Bahamut, played by Stephen. Before joining the adventure Seven Owls Wise had been part of a unsuccessful trip to the central cyst. When he returned to Sha-Lai, he was put on a transport along side Albrecht Ghostbeard. Sir Brenzin, and Glaa.

Appearances Edit

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  2. Episode 81: How the Other half live - Part 2 (S3-017)
  3. Episode 82: How the Other Third Live - Part 3 (S3-018)
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  5. Episode 88: The Dragon with Five Heads (S3-023)
  6. Episode 89: I'm Doing it All For Your Mother! (S3-024)
  7. Episode 90: Tiamat (S3-025)
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