Sir Phillipus of the Grange
Ep 20
Art by Domoz
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 20: How the other half live
Race Human
Status Alive
Other attributes
Group Knight of Diamond Throne
Played by Rob Rasmussen

Sir Phillipus of the Grange is a Knight charged by King Emnos III of Diamond Throne to chair a conference between the Humans, Elves, and Cogs to find if there was truly a threat to Diamond Throne. After the attack on the keep Phillipus and the others were able to fight their way to freedom. However they lost all of the other men and elves who had not been in the hall at the start of the attack.

However the attack convinced Phillipus that the threat was real and forged the alliances between the humans, the elves, and the Cogs.

Weeks later Sir Phillipus lead the human forces that went to the moon to put an end to the lunar threat.

Appearances Edit

  1. Episode 20: How the other half live
  2. Episode 21: How the other half live- Part 2
  3. Episode 22: How the other half live - Part 3
  4. Episode 40: CROSSOVER!
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